This is a Shop Test Video for The Alchemysts Clocktower.
In this "lights on" demonstration this we see the Alchemyst in his element. This piece was designed for low lighting in a parlour setting: this footage was taken for insurance purposes before it left for its new home in Oregon. This particular show is called "Pillars"
Photos and more Video to come.

"The Alchemyst's Tower" 2004-2008
Absolutely the most ambition project to date. It took many years to realize this automaton and care was used to make the advanced technology below stage adaptable in the future while keeping the figure itself purely mechanical. The Alchemyst is only 12" tall and consists of hundreds of hand machined brass and steel pieces. The tower itself consists of thousands of pieces was built from scratch out of wood, steel brass and fabric and just about any other high quality material where needed. The industrial machinery includes pneumatic valves, servos, clockwork, lighting and fountain (water) systems.