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"Pulling the Will" 2003
In front of a figure a candle sits on an ornate solid brass fixture. A brass door has “A fool there was and he made his prayer (even as you and I) to a rag and a bone and a hank of hair” embossed on the outside. When you open the door to view the mechanics, the rest of Kipling’s poem “The Vampire” (the inspiration) can be viewed. By lifting the candle to blow it out, the figure begins to raise her finger to her lips as if to keep a secret. Her head looks from side to side; she then moves a mirrored staff in front of her face. At eye level the mirror reflects her next victim (YOU!) and a devil pops up out of the earth beneath her. Once the mirrored staff is moved aside, it can be seen that the flesh has melted from her face leaving only a grinning skull to look back at you, moving its head from side to side, before slowly covers it again to return to normal.
The amazing wax museum-like appearance of the femme fatale was accomplished by special blend of tinted pigments in a hard composite material revealing every last nuance. Cams, Levers, pivots, linkages, and brass, steel, copper, wood and composition materials were used.

w 12"
h 32"